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  • I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. PsalmĀ 32:8

    Sunday Morning

    You can expect a few things on a Sunday morning. Other than smiles from everyone you see, handshakes all around, and probably more than a few hugs, Here is our standard weekly run down.

    9:30 Bible Study

    Each week we work our way through the Bible, chapter by chapter. We rotate teachers each week to get a different perspective on God’s Word. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did. more…

    10:00 Cafe

    Encouraging community is important to us at Christian Community (imagine that!). So each Sunday Morning we provide coffee, snacks, and a place to sit and chat. Come on in and meet some new folks!

    10:30 Worship

    Sunday morning service is a time of worship followed by a teaching time and children’s classes taught by our wonderful group of volunteers.

    Authentic Worship

    Worship at CC is something of a unique experience. The service is planned each week by different people, so each week is a little different, and sometimes a lot different. Our team of musicians has grown to include a variety of drums, guitar, oboe, English horn, violin, piano, and a flute! You will likely encounter some mixture of these.

    During worship, we invite you to join us in communion. We see this as the Lord’s supper, not our supper, and so we invite everyone who wishes to take communion. You will be served a plate of bread, the body of Christ, and a cup of juice, the blood of Christ. Simply take a piece of the bread and dip it in the cup.


    After worship, we will dismiss the kiddos to their classes, and then present the message prepared for the community.

    Pot Luck!

    The first Sunday of each month, we have pot luck following worship. Whether or not you bring something, make sure to join us for a great time!