Christian Community

Break a Rule

caution sign that says changes aheadThe theme for OTC faculty this year is “Break a Rule”. When this was first introduced, there were a good amount of uncertainties surrounding it. People don’t really need to be encouraged to break the rules. Or do they?

We have all kinds of rules guiding us through our days – explicit and implicit rules. All too often our rules have us moving through the day on mindless autopilot.

So this “Break a Rule” theme had one guideline: break a rule for better student success.

The idea is to look at all the things we do and why in an effort to break us out of the ruts we’ve created. If there was something that we do because “we’re supposed to” but we don’t see it helping students, then stop. While it may cause a little chaos around the fringes, mostly this theme took all excuses away; we were free to do what we truly believed would help students learn the best.

Recently Christian Community was snapped out of its routine thinking when we learned our regular meeting space would not be available for us this past Sunday. In effect we were forced to break a rule. Instead of gathering for worship and teaching, we partnered with the Northwest Project for a service project – and it was great!

So what else are we missing because of our routines, our ruts?

What other rules should Christian Community be breaking?

If we step back and consider what we do with the one guideline of loving the people around us, what would we do differently.

As individuals, what shoulds, oughts, and supposed-tos is it time to ditch? How are we missing out on living lives of love because we are not supposed to do such and such?

Are their people I hold back from because…?

Are there risks I don’t take because…?

Let’s not wait until we are forced to reframe our thinking. As a community and as individuals let’s consider just one rule we can break in our lives for the sake of love.

What rule is it time to break?