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Crumbs on a Rock

This past summer I did a lot of landscaping in my yard. Part of it involved setting stepping stones into place. More than once I found myself trying to move a rock that just would not budge. Then I would realize that I was standing on it. Yes, more than once. So a new statement I roll around my head is “You can’t move a rock that you are standing on.”


Both the Hebrew and Greek words for faith don’t really mean what we usually take them to mean.

In Hebrew faith, for example, is something that you have in a person because they have been faithful. Because they have proven themselves trust worthy, you have faith that they will continue to do so.

In Greek there is a similar tone. For example, a title deed was a faith. It was a document that indicated a future fulfillment.

So it seems faith looks to the certainty of the past and the uncertainty of the future and stands in the current moment with trust and hope.


Sometimes we speak with certainty about things we know to be true and call it faith. Is it possible that faith that is certain is no faith at all?

Is it possible that a willingness to allow uncertainty in our lives is the beginning of a life of faith?

Is the closeness I’m seeking with God the rock I am standing on or under the rock I am trying to move?


One thing I do know. When I was a kid, I loved jumping from high places. Sometimes when I landed I would hurt myself. Sometimes when I landed I would roll just right and pop up without a scratch. But I always liked falling through the air held only by a trust that it would all be alright.

Perhaps that’s when I first met Jesus.