Christian Community

Much Stronger Than That

Those of us in Christian community who write for this website are supposed to have our blog post turned in to the editor by Monday; I didn’t even start writing this post until Thursday night. My typical Monday work schedule is to spend the morning entering last week’s receipts and processing payroll before seeing clients in the afternoon; the first time I opened Quickbooks on Monday was after my last client left at 5:00. (Needless to say, I got home ridiculously late on Monday night.) Most mornings, I spend time praying and reading the Bible before going to work; that hasn’t happened any morning this week.

I’m sure you get the sense by now that my week hasn’t gone according to plan. I’ve run late. I’ve forgotten things I was supposed to do. I’ve been exhausted and rather crabby at times. Some of the challenges I’ve faced were the result of my own mistakes; some came from unforeseen circumstances beyond my control. By Wednesday, I was pretty worn down and the temptation to give up trying to accomplish anything meaningful was very strong.

“It’s ruined,” my Inner Perfectionist wailed, “utterly ruined! You’ve screwed this week up so bad, there is no point in even trying to salvage it!”

“You’re right,” I replied, remembering a quote by Rune Lazuli, “ ‘I’m not perfect—I am much stronger than that.’ In fact, according to St. Paul in Philippians 4:13, ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’—which includes not giving up on a week that’s had an extremely rough start.” I smiled. My Inner Perfectionist scowled and vanished into some unknown corner of my mind.

Here’s the truth about my life this week: God has been right here with me whether I was doing a brilliant job or failing miserably at whatever the current task was. My inadequacies in no way diminish the great good that He is doing right alongside me. What’s more, after every bungled attempt to copy His pattern or follow the steps of His dance, He invites me to come immediately back alongside Him to try again.

As He says in the song by Don Francisco:

The life and love I’ve given you no one can take away

I’ve sealed it with my Spirit, blood, and word

The Everlasting Father made His covenant with you

And He’s stronger than the world you’ve seen and heard

So don’t you fear to show them all the love I have for you

I’ll be with you everywhere in everything you do

And even if you do it wrong and miss the joy I’d planned

No matter what may happen, Child, I’ll never let go of your hand

Be encouraged—no matter how well or how poorly you’re doing today, God invites you to keep trying, keep going. “Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it,” Jesus said in Matthew 11:29 (MSG), “Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.” You’re not doing this on your own; He’s holding your hand. With God, you are much stronger than that.