Christian Community


Christian Community operates on a volunteer basis. This is a choice that has been made by our minsters, allowing them to come alongside the community on equal footing and for the funds to be directed to other ministry needs. We are blessed and humbled by their heart for ministry and their ongoing willingness to serve us in the ways they do.

If you wish to support the ministry of Christian Community, you may

  1. Place your contribution in the designated box during the Sunday morning gathering.
    (We do not pass an offering plate during our worship services.)
  2. Send a check to
    Christian Community
    Attn: Lydia Lapierre
    7101 N Farm Rd 133
    Springfield, MO 65803
2016 Financial Report
Contributions $41,339.19  
General $28,873.43  
Missions (20%) $8,331.84  
Growth (10%) $4,133.92  
General Fund Distribution    
Category Budgeted Actual
Rent $20,400.00 $19,675.00
Facilities $500.00 $60.74
Media & Technology $1,500.00 $6,878.93
LIFE Groups $300.00 $310.48
Youth $500.00 $372.15
Children’s Ministry $300.00 $453.79
Hospitality $1,500.00 $642.04
Insurance $1,200.00 $1,010.25
Office Expenses $500.00 $216.01
Other $4,000.00 $1,992.37
TOTAL $30,700.00 $31,656.76
Missions Distribution    
Foreign $2,860.00  
Domestic $2,850.00  
Community Needs $1,983.43  
1) We started 2016 with $13,956.31 & ended with $11,172.98, net ($2,783.33) .
2) We purchased a new sound system and related equipment in December in the amount of $4,899.94.
3) There are likely to be other related purchases as we adjust to new location.

If you have any questions regarding Christian Community’s finances, you may contact our treasurer, Lydia Lapierre.