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The End of Time

clockTime is a peculiar thing. Whether we’re thinking in terms of our culture of busyness or Einstein’s relativity or life after death, wrapping my mind around time has been and still is one of life’s greater challenges for me.

Live in the moment, but plan for the future.

Make the most of the time you have, and be sure to make time for rest.

Things are lost to time, but only time will tell.

Consider with me the delusion of time. We are eternal beings, or as the writer of Ecclesiastes would put it, God has written eternity in our hearts. Have you ever wondered then why we exist in this space where the one commodity we have no ability to control is time? Time marches on with or without us. We can hoard money, we can hoard things, and we can even hoard people’s affection and acclaim. But time? Time teaches us that to hoard, even the things we think we can, is to waste their unique gift. Perhaps lessons such as these is why we as eternal beings are tied to time as we are. If I can waste 10 minutes, I can waste an hour. Could we then also waste an eternity?

And the idea of eternity is where the real paradox thrives. The more we look into the future with hope or worry or the more we look into the past with happiness or regret, the more we lose the present. But the present is the only place where life lives. Each day the hopes of tomorrow give way to the current reality of your true life.

Make the most of your moments because they are all you really have.

And so there it is. There is no time. We are to live present and abundant lives that result in eternal depth. By investing in today as the reality we desire, today creates tomorrow.

Don’t live like you will die tomorrow; live like you will live forever – now. Eternity will not start some day; it is now.

Do you have time for now?