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We believe in forever

The focus of worship this week was God’s faithful love endures forever from Psalm 136. It reminded me that as a believer my outlook or focus in life is impacted because I believe in a God who is faithful and loving FOREVER.

That belief does change the way you see things…life’s little irritations are less in focus when I remember that God loves me faithfully, forever. The most heavy days and painful experiences are still all of that, yet there is also hope and peace because God’s faithful love endures forever.

Precious time with our loved ones, no matter how fleeting, can be appreciated in the moment because God’s faithful love endures forever. Our journey here on this earth with family and loved ones is just the beginning because God’s faithful love endures forever.

Every moment we walk through life and each situation we’re in has a different meaning and focus…because God’s faithful love endures forever. As a family of believers, we are blessed to get to live life together, share in each other’s joys and sorrows, which have different meanings in the context of God’s faithful love enduring forever.

We believe: The Bible is true. We need Jesus. Prayer makes a difference. Small groups are important. Teamwork is essential. Authenticity is valuable. We grow through struggle. We are all called to impact the world with Christ’s love. If you missed it, check out Steven’s teaching on our purpose and beliefs via our Message page.

God’s faithful love endures forever and that amazing enduring forever love is how we can impact the world around us through Jesus. Together, with Jesus, we believe in FOREVER.