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Our Latest Blog Post
Why Are You?

The title of this blog post is not a typo.
It’s inspired by Suzanne’s focus from last Sunday,
which was inspired by a principle in her district,
which, I think, was inspired by Simon Sinek and the book, “Start with Why.”

If you haven’t read the book, I’ll give you a minute to do so.

Now that you ignored that break for book reading, here’s a link to a shortened version of a Ted Talk about the book:

Have you ever wondered why you are?
Not justĀ who you are
OrĀ what you are but

Only you can answer that question,
Probably with help from the One Who Loves,
And when you do,
The rest of your life starts to make sense:
The pain you’ve endured
The loss
The joy
The blessings
Your childhood
Your education
Your dreams, both night and day

When you figure out your why,
Why is not a question you ask of yourself anymore.