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Why I Pooped in Your Cereal

cereal with poop

I don’t know what they’re called, but you know those tall, snaky, windsock things you see while driving down the road?

I’m not a fan.

Our culture is constantly bombarding us with anything to get our attention. This stems from companies needing to first get us to look before we will spend. With more and more competition there’s more and more ridiculous (I’m sorry, I refuse to say it’s creative) means dreamed up to simply get us to turn our heads. But these advertising schemes have translated into everyday interaction to the point that friends vie for each other’s attention through sensational exaggeration, too. One concern is that the more sensational we get, the more we miss the beauty of the mundane.

We have become an attention deficit society.

On some level we all fight to ignore the sensationalism. Ignore the aids down the right column of the screen. Don’t click on flashing things. Don’t drive towards the bright pink, dancing windsock.

But we still click, scroll, and drive directed by what seems most interesting. (At least, I’m hoping this is not just me.)

Then something real – really real – comes along and snaps you out of your daydream.

This week I am challenged to stop scrolling, clicking, and driving to the next dancing potato dog, and look up. Look up and see all the things that silently grace my day-to-day life – all those extraordinarily beautiful things that are lost in the pointless noise of our culture; those steady things and people that never beg for our attention. And I am challenged to keep looking until this new vision of seeing what is really real becomes normal again.

Oh, and I am sorry I pooped in your cereal, but it was the best way to get your attention.