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Count Your Days

Row your boat gently down the stream, merrily – life is but a dream


This week I was diagnosed with a minor, easy-to-treat form of skin cancer.

or even Cancer,
just cancer.

The spot is easy to identify, easy to remove, and easy to recover from.

No big deal.

Still, the night I got the news, a fresh wound on my jaw from the biopsy, I recognized my friend, Mortality, there in the dark with me. Mortality and I walk together these days, and I imagine we always will. He is not scary, not to be avoided, but to be cherished – he helps me count my days.

When I count my days, when I remember I walk with my friend Mortality, I find myself
more forgiving
more at ease
more intentional.
I find myself living this life, not an imagined life in my head, or one I regret in my heart, or one I try to control – this one.

And it is in this life that we experience the Author of this Life.


One of the things I appreciate about Christian Community is that we go on a float trip together every year.

Life, I think, is like a float trip:
When we move with the Current, the trip is easier.
Sometimes we make unwise choices and fall into the river.
The river is always changing and we never know what’s around the next bend.
The trip is so much better when we travel together.

One day, you may exit the river, and I may get the honor of being with you as you paddle onto the shore.
Some of you, one day, may be there when I exit the river, and you will paddle on without me.
Ultimately, we will all one day exit the river because our life is more than the float trip.

But for now, I am so glad we float together.


Row your boat gently down the stream, merrily – life is but a dream