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Would You Like to Come Over?

Yesterday was Superbowl 50. It was a great game if you’re a Denver Broncos fan; not so great if you’re a Carolina Panthers fan. We were planning a watch/hangout party at the Poplar building, but we were unsure about our internet streaming abilities. We were confident of our bandwidth at home, so we offered to host if people wanted to come over.

We knew of only one person for sure that wanted to watch the Superbowl. But we started asking around and inviting people to come to our house for food and hanging out. We just invited people over, no pressure, just if they wanted to come.

Our house is in an *entirely different town*, so we weren’t expecting a big turnout. Also, we’re not really football fans, so there was a loss of excitement there. Also, did I mention we live in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TOWN?

So we were a little surprised when more than 20 people joined us for the big game, sharing snacks, laughing at weird commercials, and enjoying being together.

And I realized something yesterday, with a house full of friends and family – people like to be invited to the party. They appreciate being included, even if they can’t come, but if they can, they’re usually pretty excited.

But inviting people to join you is inherently vulnerable – they can say no, which means you get shot down, or they can agree out of a sense of unintended guilt and show up, but not because they want to.

But the risk is worth it, because the payoff is community. So this week, invite others to join you in whatever you’re doing. By doing so, you will help create community, just like the Great Includer whom we follow.