In the beginning
I was formless and void
And covered in darkness,
Without hope for the future
Or strength to swim
Then a voice, still and small, uttered a word;
And in the darkness, light
In the depths, direction
In the loneliness, One who is with me.
And then, within me,
Life bloomed,
Creativity bounded,
And I understood the One who speaks.
But still, there was darkness
And death
And I became afraid.
“Save me,” I said, reaching out
To the One hovering over the water.
And I clinged to the light,
I ran from the darkness,
And for a while,
Found Peace,
But only for a while.
Then I noticed others in the deep,
In the dark,
And the One with me said, “Go.”
So I joined those in the waters,
I returned to the darkness
To share
What I had found;
And in the waters,
In the darkness,
The One was still with me,
And the darkness did not overcome me,
And the waters were at peace.
And we rose,
Followers of the One who
Overcomes death and darkness
Like a lion and a
So do not be afraid
For the old order of this is passing away
And light is found in the darkness
And safety in the waters;
For the One who calls
Us is Love and loves
When We Love

by: Steven Fouse



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