I’ve spent the last six weeks on unpaid leave from work due to the COVID-19 epidemic. […]
I like buying pottery as a souvenir when I travel. I get an extra spark of […]
“What else does the Eternal ask of you But to live justly, and to love kindness […]
Walking bridge going over a small river in the woods.
When I’m feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, and anxious, the most helpful response is to make myself pause […]
I am a time optimist by nature. This means I have a tendency to make plans […]
In the beginning, God spoke. “Let there be light.” God spoke and his words created something […]
Psalm 16* A prayer of David. 1 Protect me, God, for the only safety I know is found […]
In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; In the morning I lay my requests […]
Those of us in Christian community who write for this website are supposed to have our […]
My friend Rima has a passion for native plants, so I was not surprised when she […]