It seems we are getting more and more bogged down in arguments. We seek to prove […]
On Wednesday of last week, I told my students goodbye thinking I would see them on […]
One of the more remarkable things about the life of Jesus is his divinity. When God […]
Sunrise outside my front door.
The following is something I wrote several years ago. I came across it today and found […]
Working dirt by hand.
It seems more and more I feel I don’t have much to say. I’m finding that […]
A bunny hiding behind the wheel on a cart outside the Denver airport.
Not too long ago I was given the opportunity to spend more time than planned in […]
trees and sky
(based on Psalm 23) God, yes, God the creator, is my protector and provider. How could […]
Father—my source and my provider, Thank you for the ways you pour your love into my […]
Teaching math has a way of bringing up interesting interactions and emotions. I have said many […]
What is your most important thing? Sometimes what we say is our most important thing differs […]