At an early age, we are told that God is above all, all-powerful, all-knowing, unable to be defeated, perfect-and-needing-nothing. To me, this […]
In the beginningI was formless and voidAnd covered in darkness,Without hope for the futureOr strength to […]
Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do everything while in quarantine. I can’t hang […]
As the days grow dark and you fear you’ve lost your way, May the light of […]
The title of this blog post is not a typo. It’s inspired by Suzanne’s focus from […]
View of the river from a canoe with the tip of the canoe showing.
Row your boat gently down the stream, merrily – life is but a dream ******* This […]
May your days be merry and bright! And if they aren’t, may you be a light […]
I’ve been thinking a lot about life and death lately. One of the differences between life […]
Storms come. Winds blow and rains ruin plans. What you thought would be will not be. […]
Not many of you know this about me, but I absolutely adore my kids. Well, maybe […]