It seems we are getting more and more bogged down in arguments. We seek to prove […]
I’ve spent the last six weeks on unpaid leave from work due to the COVID-19 epidemic. […]
Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do everything while in quarantine. I can’t hang […]
On Wednesday of last week, I told my students goodbye thinking I would see them on […]
One of the more remarkable things about the life of Jesus is his divinity. When God […]
I like buying pottery as a souvenir when I travel. I get an extra spark of […]
As the days grow dark and you fear you’ve lost your way, May the light of […]
Lately I’ve been thinking that sometimes life is simpler if you are trying to use the […]
Sunrise outside my front door.
The following is something I wrote several years ago. I came across it today and found […]
“What else does the Eternal ask of you But to live justly, and to love kindness […]