This past Sunday as Steve was wrapping up the series on the Why of our community at CC I was struck again by the reminder that why we are doing something inspires us to do things we would not normally do all on our own. Sometimes that is to be challenged to step out of our comfort zone because we want to be there for another person or sometimes that might be to put in time and resources to help out those we care about during a special event or season in their life.

For the past several weeks we have been planning a special event in my family. One of my younger sisters got married this past Saturday after three months of planning and scheming to pull everything off. Friday morning started off with 6 vehicles full of décor, food, fresh flowers, and 10 of us headed off to pull off the plans my sister had made. This group of folks were made up of a few of us who for sure had our own thoughts and opinions about how we would pull something off like this…but that was not WHY we were there…we were there to help make the day special for my sister and her husband. So throughout that day and the next when all the pieces were put into place there was a constant sense of checking our own thoughts and opinions at the door and focusing on why we were there and who this event was for…the sense of family and a common purpose and community was there in all the interactions of the weekend.

A special event which brings folks together over a couple days, pulled off together, is community; however perhaps a better example of real community is over a much longer time. A community forged by a common relationship with Jesus and our heavenly Father, a group of individuals who over weeks, months, and years have chosen to be in community together. Each person has chosen unity in common over individual opinions and the human tendency to want to be right. It truly is something precious and worthy to keep choosing for each day and on into the future.

Blessed to get to live, serve, and love in a community of believers at CC, because together in community with Jesus and each other is certainly something special.



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