There is something amazing about celebrating the day that our Lord Jesus rose from the grave. There is something special about joining together with brothers and sisters in Christ to rejoice that we serve a risen Savior. There is joy in getting to serve together with our church family, alongside our Southminster brothers and sisters, and joined by the local community around Southminster, to prepare a meal and eat together to start out the day.

He is risen!

He is risen indeed!

The day started out early, and it was cloudy and cold, but the crew kept showing up to help cook food, setup, and get ready to eat breakfast together. Soon the kitchen was warm and the halls were bustling and everyone was diving in to get things ready. The joy was tangible and hope was visible.

A breakfast meal was shared among all, an egg hunt for the little tykes, and then a quick reset of things to continue the celebration with worship together with our Christian Community family.

The day ended with more cold, rain and then ice, but despite that tangible reminder that the weather can be damp and unpredictable it did not dampen the joy and hope that we can take with us.

Because Jesus is risen indeed!



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