At an early age, we are told that God is above all, all-powerful, all-knowing, unable to be defeated, perfect-and-needing-nothing. To me, this kind of God is far removed from who I am and even who I am capable of becoming.

And I see in the person of Jesus a very different image of God. If Jesus is a clear representation of who God is, then we should be able to look at him and understand God better.

Who I see in Jesus is a God who is among us, rather than above us; a God who is capable of being wounded, rather than all-powerful; a God who asks questions and doesn’t know the answers, rather than all-knowing; a God who doesn’t fight, rather than being undefeatable; a God who seems to need relationship, rather than perfect-and-needing nothing.

This is a different picture of God than the great and powerful Zeus we often have in our heads.

I can understand a God who doesn’t force God’s way – forcing my will doesn’t work well. I can identify with a God who is humble – I’d rather think about others, too. I can get behind a God who feels loss – I’ve had loss in my life.

In seeing this person Jesus, I start to doubt my long-held images of God, and maybe start to see God for who God really is – empowering, rather than powerful; encouraging, rather than frightening; endearing, rather than dominating.

May I find myself more and more like the God who shares in life this way. May we all.



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