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Gratitude for You

Father—my source and my provider,

Thank you for the ways you pour your love into my life, the love I feel from sunshine on my face, the love I feel from the support of friends, the love I feel from the many provisions I have. I live a blessed life beyond what I would ask or imagine.

But now I thank you for moments when these things seem to waffle. In these moments I can be reminded that, while these are blessing for this life, it is your presence that provides for my soul. When friends are far and food is scarce and my body is weak, your presence will never fail me. Your presence is my support and my guide and the resting place for my soul. May I continue to grow in letting go of the desires of this life and knowing that your presence is enough.

Thank you for your blessings, but so much more, thank you for the richness of your loving presence.