At Christian Community we like to approach what we do as a family and just come together to live lives modeled after Jesus. That being said, for the sake of intentionality in the service we wish to accomplish, structure and leadership are necessary. Below is an outline of that structure with the coordinators for each. However, you would be hard pressed to find a “boss” at Christian Community.

We are truly in it together.

Lead Minister: Steven Fouse

Steven works to keep us all coordinated, but he also likes to remind us that we are all ministers. As lead minister, his focus is to equip and encourage us to be ministers within the inter-workings of Christian Community as well as in lives of service wherever we go. We are blessed to have him, his wife Amy, and boys Corban and Nathan as a part of our community.

Worship Minister: Lora Hobbs

Lora serves as our worship minster. Most her energy in this role goes to encourage all of us to take an active roll in the community’s worship environment. We are deeply thankful for her commitment to inclusion. Our spiritual lives as individuals and a community are challenged and encouraged by Lora’s unique approach to worship ministry.

Ministry Teams

Business Team

Coordinator: Lydia Lapierre
The Business Team is the group of folks who take care of the practical needs of the community such as building cleaning and maintenance. This is also the team that is responsible for the community finances, including coordinating our missions investments and all necessary business matters. Lydia serves as the treasurer. Other members of the Business Team are Mark Rogers and Gary Lewis.

Children’s Ministry

Coordinator: Trisha White
Our children’s ministry focuses on school age kiddos through 4th grade (or so). Each Sunday morning the kids have their own class during the teaching time. The class is taught by different volunteers coordinated by Trisha. The focus of the class is to teach them spiritual principles in an age appropriate way. More importantly, we desire to let our kids know they are loved and appreciated. Part of insuring the safety of our children is that we perform background checks on all adults working with children.

Events Planning Team

Coordinators: Brandi Freeman & Jennifer King
Christian Community does not just share Sunday mornings together. We really want to do life together. Our LIFE Groups and other activities are to encouraging people to do that more and more. We meet in small groups in people’s homes. We have three seasons a year roughly parallel to school schedules: Fall, Spring, Summer. While we discuss topics that continue to challenge us to deeper places in our relationship with God, no small part of LIFE Groups is also growing in our relationships with each other.


Coordinators: Michelle McReynolds & Lydia Lapierre
There’s no denying it: Christian Community likes to eat together. If we are together, there’s probably food involved. Michelle and Lydia coordinate the many folks who contribute to this ministry. And this is not just snacks on Sunday. There are potlucks, wedding and baby showers, meals for the sick, etc. The hospitality team lives out the understanding that hospitality is a spiritual practice.

Lens Team

Coordinator: Steven Fouse
The intention of this team to to ensure we all stay focused and intentional on ministry. They meet regularly with the other ministry team coordinators to discuss their vision for ministry, their current needs/struggles, and to show them gratitude for the part they play in Christian Community.


Coordinator: Amy Fouse
Our nursery focuses on providing care for babies until they reach school age. It is very important to us that we provide a safe and well equipped nursery that allows parents the opportunity to participate in the Sunday morning gathering. The nursery is staffed by volunteers from the community who rotate serving each week. Part of insuring the safety or our children is that we perform background checks on all adults working with children.

Sunday Bible Study

Coordinator: Steven King
On Sunday morning we have an adult Bible study class at 9:30 a.m. The class studies different books of the Bible with different teachers leading the discussion each week. It’s intended to be a casual discussion where we wrestle with what the Bible says and how to apply that message to our daily lives.


Coordinator: Lora Hobbs
Worship with Christian Community is truly an organic process where anyone is welcome to contribute to guiding the community’s worship focus during our Sunday gathering. Each week different people will lead out with a worship and Communion focus. The songs are chosen intentionally to support the morning’s focus. While Lora coordinates it all, what happens with Sunday morning worship is truly a product of the community working together.

Youth Ministry

Coordinator: Scott McReynolds and Steven Fouse
Our youth ministry focuses on school age kids from 4th grade (or so) through 12th grade. With Christian Community our philosophy of youth ministry is to help middle school and high school students transition from childhood to adulthood by providing a means for them to be incorporated into the congregation rather than segregating them off. Because of this we plan activities and gatherings that bring the youth together with adult sponsors. The activities are intended to be engaging for youth, but also build relationships with the greater community and guide the youth in living a life patterned after Jesus’ example. We have at least one youth activity a month. We also purpose to integrate youth into our other community activities.