Group photo during a Sunday morning service. Bight goofy smiles.
CC Worship team on one given Sunday.
Balloons tide on the ceiling.
Working the soundboard.
Potluck at CC.
Toddler wearing a bright green shirt with Christian Community logo on it.
Two people in conversations.
Young kids playing the piano.
Three adults and two kids looking at cell phone.
Group gathered around each other praying for a baby.
Man having fun in worship. Big smile on his face.
Three people in conversations.
Man reading the Faith section of the Sunday paper.
Sunday gathering New Years 2018. Everyone setting in a circle around the communion table.
Two women in conversations.
Lady holding a young child. The child is putting his mouth completely over the end of the microphone pretending to sing.

Food, fun, fellowship, family, friends, and … genuinely authentic people are all things that come to mind when thinking of time with Christian Community. For all the technical details that make this happen, keep reading.


We are currently meeting online. Check out our Sunday Teaching. For more information please email

The remainder of this page is what a Sunday would be like when we meet in person most of which we’ve been able to replicate with our virtual gatherings.


Our Sunday service starts exactly around 10:30 a.m. It usually finishes between 11:30 a.m. and noon.


Our service environment and dress are casual. We encourage each other to wear what they are comfortable with. You will find many of us in jeans and a t-shirt, but others will dress up more. Wear you.


With our kiddos two things rule: showing them the love of Jesus and keeping them safe. We provide a nursery for children who have not started kindergarten yet. For school age children, they join us for worship and then are dismissed to their own class for the teaching and prayer time.


Food is a part of pretty much everything we do at CC. For Sunday mornings there is a snack table including coffee. There’s also hot tea available for the tea drinkers among us.

Worship Style

Our worship style is hard to name, but most would say it is informal acoustic contemporary worship–though there may be a few hymns mixed in.

Each week we have different worship planers put together our worship time. Because of this, the feel can vary a good amount from week to week. It is great to be a part of a community that allows everyone to contribute in this way.


We take communion each week. All are welcome to join us in this celebration of a new way of life given to us by Jesus.


Steven, our lead minister, has a pretty casual teaching style that usually allows space for small group discussions.

Steven also likes to share the stage about once a month, so someone else from the congregation may be sharing on a randomly chosen Sunday. It is great to hear these testimonies and lessons from each other.


A notable portion of our service is committed to prayer. We gather prayer requests and pray for them. Sometimes this is done in breakout groups, but usually the leader will pray through the requests.

First Sundays

The first Sunday of each month we don’t have a teaching time. Instead we plan a slightly longer worship time and follow it with a meal together. We love to share meals with each other–like Jesus. Come and join us for our potluck, and visitors need not bring food–there’s always plenty!

Curve Balls

Each Sunday can take on a flavor of its own. In addition to what is already mentioned above, the order and set-up for service can change depending on who’s planning things. Also, a few times a year we pack up and hit the road: twice for Church at the river, and once for a service project.