Christian Community

Simple Gratitude

Being grateful for me is often not about the big things, but about finding gratitude in simple things.

Air conditioning on a hot day

Grapes to pick off our vines

A rose budding out in delicate blooms

Successfully completing a work project

The snort of a horse saying hello

Fresh iced mint tea

The sweet smell of hay drying in the fields

A home cooked meal

A clean sink because the dishes are washed and put away

The heat of the sun on a summer day

Sitting around a campfire at the end of a good day out on the trail

Being grateful in the simple things is a reminder for me that each of these is part of a bigger picture of life…a life that includes people, community and other amazing things to be grateful about.

Hugs from dear brothers and sisters in our community

The smell of fresh coffee and maybe a little something yummy to go with it

The sounds of laughter as folks setup the room together for church

Voices raised together in worship

A potluck meal that is even better shared as a family

As I reflect on these simple things, the things that maybe are easy to take for granted, I’m reminded that these are only possible because God is taking care of the big things, the complex ones that we don’t reflect on much.  Like an earth to do this life on and air to breath and the most amazing one, a Savior that died for us so that we have a forever home waiting for us.    So in the moments where maybe I don’t always think or feel as grateful as I could be, I pray that I remember that God is in the simple and in the complex.  And that I can be grateful not because of each of these things in my life, but because God exists and His Son exists and the rest is really about remembering to be grateful that He is with us regardless of what or who is in our lives.  It sort of puts things in perspective a bit.