Tupperware bowl with lid leaning against it.

I like buying pottery as a souvenir when I travel. I get an extra spark of happiness when I eat my morning cereal from a bowl that I bought on out last vacation. Recently, I was getting ready to use one of those bowls for my meal when the bowl fell. I don’t remember if it slipped out of my hand or if I was in a hurry and set it too close to edge of counter. What I do remember is the sickening crash and the shattered pieces that had to be picked up and sadly thrown away.

Sometimes life knocks me around. I’m not where I meant to be. I’m disoriented, no longer stable or right-side up. I feel like I’m falling…falling…falling. And in the days, weeks, or even months before I land, I’m tempted to worry. I’m afraid that when I finally land, I will shatter, totally come apart, be completely and irredeemably undone.

But I am not a pottery bowl or a china plate. And neither are you. We are Tupperware! We may not be where we meant to be or want to be. We may be shaken up and dumped out, face down in the middle of a mess of spilled milk and soggy cereal. But like Tupperware, we remain whole throughout the ordeal.

How can this be true? Because the Apostle Paul tells us we can do everything through Christ who give us strength (Philippians 4:13). We don’t have to try to hold ourselves together; the One who created everything in heaven and on earth–including you and me–holds everything together–including you and me (Colossians 1:16-17). I’m not saying you won’t experience painful things and messy situations in life. I’m saying you have the strength to get through them because Christ himself strengthens you. No matter what happens around you or to you, you will be okay because the God who created you and loves you is holding you together. We are not china; we are Tupperware!



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